• July 16, 2024

ReelPlay latest addition to YG Masters program

The YG Masters program of Yggdrasil Gaming continues to grow on a regular basis as new operators join in. The latest company to become part of the program is ReelPlay, a popular slots developer based in Sydney, Australia. The developer will now have access to quality GATI technology that can be used to distribute the brand’s content around the world.

Joining the Program

The YG Masters program allows partner studios to use technology and systems to realize their global business strategies. They can use the program to expand within new markets, with proven technology exclusive to the program, like the mentioned GATI.

With GATI, developers have access to a toolkit that provides solutions for developing and distributing games to anywhere…

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Wall Painting – Do-It-Yourself Inside Wall Painting Tips

Painting walls will in general be simpler than roofs, they’re more open and it’s a question of pulling furniture away from the walls and covering the floor and your away. Despite the fact that painting walls is cleaner  cut, errors can in any case be made. Here are the five greatest ones while you’re painting walls for your inside wall painting project.

o Need or too little readiness. sources from 291bet.com.ph What I allude to is filling breaks and openings preceding composition. Your prep work is essential in deciding the result and completed result of any work your doing. With regards to painting, recollect 95% is prep and 5% is finish work. You adhere to that standard and you c…

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